Madison Stephens
UX Content Strategist
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Artist Websites

Logo design for Maggie Dunlap

Coded using CSS to design the website for New York City-based artist Maggie Dunlap. Maggie is a budding young talent whose work focuses on the macabre and taboo, girlhood, and feminist theory.

To represent these themes, I used a pale, blush pink background- the feminine- with a logo in a gothic typeface, Blackletter Extra Bold, along with a serif for the body text, Old Standard TT- both often frowned upon in web work, but deliberately subversive and intentional for Maggie's space. I chose blood red for highlighted text, to infer both the female experience and that of death and of sacrifice- each a primary focus of her work. The combined effect of these design decisions is that of a disturbance on the often stuffy art world institution.

View Maggie's website here.

Logo design for Natalie Yang

Coded using CSS to design the website for San Francisco-based artist Natalie Yang. Natalie is a prolific photographer who shoots primarily in film. Her work is themed around sisterhood, intimacy, portraiture, femininity, and body image. Her work is organic and often shot in sunlight or outdoors, and her images radiate positive energy, evoking a teenage dream. She deserved a space online that could emphasize these qualities.

I designed a neon sign-style logo for Natalie to counter the natural nature of her imagery and serve as an artificial rendering of the light embedded in her work, played up further by the script font, which provides a hand-drawn quality. I used a very pale lavender hue for her background, with a pastel spring green to highlight text, which next to her blue logo and the colorful nature of her photographs, creates a rainbow to intensify the dreaminess. The images on her homepage receive a shadow upon hovering. I chose the typeface Anonymous Pro for the text, which was designed specifically for coding- another choice to intentionally contrast with Natalie's work in this digital narrative. 

View Natalie's website here.

Redesigned @littlesunlady's website go look you devils her photos are 🌞✨🌻💫☁️

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